Materials technology is the heart of most key industries such as energy, electronics, basic materials,
construction, food, and health care. For thousands of years the major breakthroughs in human civilization have
been achieved by revolutionary developments of new materials with novel properties. Hence, the research and
development of materials is regarded as the brain guiding and controlling the constantly-evolving body of the
industry and the market.
QUANTUMAT, is a research and development (R&D) group in the field of materials science and engineering
which aims to bring high-quality scientific and technological solutions to each material-based industry willing to
improve and develop its market and products. By giving access to the most advanced research facilities, our
world -class scientists and engineers accompany you in achieving new solutions, while reducing your research
costs and decreasing the required time to fulfil your projects.
Acting as an out-source R&D center we reinforce your research groups to explore the new opportunities of your
business and industry and increase the added-values of your products. We give you a hand to explore the

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