QUANTUMAT is a private research and development (R&D) group active in the field of materials science and
While existing in today’s competitive markets requires access to the most recent advanced technology, dominating
these competitions requires further development of the products which we believe should be based on solid scientific
and technological solutions.  In This context, QUANTUMAT with its engineers, researchers, and marketing & finance
advisors, acts as a supportive arm for materials-based industries to help them achieving new technologies and novel
solutions, based on market demands and scientific advances. It is aimed to bring advanced R&D possibilities to any
materials-based industry willing to improve and develop its market and products.
QUANTUMAT consists of one Central Core Group and an Extended Group:
The researchers and engineers in the Central Core are the experts in the fields of physics and chemistry of materials as
well as microbiology, with large experiences in both experimental and numerical simulation domains, to manage and
lead the projects. Having access to advanced research facilities, they provide industries with:
· Scientific consulting
· Proposing solutions to the existing technological problems of the market
· Accompanying the industries in their research and development activities

Our Extended Group comprises our large network of collaborators around the world in highly ranked research centers
which help us with more detailed investigations on specific projects.
By dedicating specialized groups to each project and using our various research facilities, we guarantee rapid fulfilment
of the projects, consistent with the fast development of the market demands, while naturally reducing the related
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